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Jakub Domeracki

Jakub Domeracki

Teaching at WUT BS: Leader of the New Venture Project

Jakub is CEO at Value Finance, a company that provides the service of a Financial Director on an hourly basis. Value Finance helps entrepreneurs to better manage their company's finances. Furthermore, Jakub serves as Investment Director at SpeedUp Energy Innovation Fund. 
Jakub graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics. He also studied at the London School of Economics in London, IMT Ghaziabad in New Delhi and ICAN Institute in Warsaw. Jakub worked for various investment funds since 2010. For 5 years he was the President of the Idea Box Capital Management Board. During this time Jakub supervised over 100 investments. As an expert in his field, he gained companies with an interesting idea for development, provided them with funding, helped prepare an effective development strategy and then supported them in everyday management

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Szkoła Biznesu Politechniki Warszawskiej
ul. Koszykowa 79, 02-008 Warszawa
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tel. +48 22 234 70 89

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