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Sunita Malhotra

Sunita Malhotra

Teaching at WUT BS: 

Human Resources and Leadership



Area of expertise: 

- executive coaching
- human resources
- organization development
- change management
- business partner role
- strategic HR

Professional experience

Sunita is the Owner and Managing Director of People Insights BvBA which offers executive coaching for senior leadership. She has acquired her experience in several global corporations such as Accenture, Philip Morris, Bristol-Myers Squibb International, Electrolux for the last 20 years. She has worked in and across many industries, i.e. retail, consulting, hospitality, FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods), pharmaceutical and consumer durables. She held local, Regional, European and Global responsibilities at senior level within Sales & Marketing and Human Resources (HR).


Sunita was awarded the "HIGHEST RANKED PROFESSOR AWARD" by Warsaw University of Technology – Business School, several years in a row.

Nasz adres

Szkoła Biznesu Politechniki Warszawskiej
ul. Koszykowa 79, 02-008 Warszawa
Biuro obsługi programów i rekrutacji:
tel. +48 22 234 70 89

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